Tips on Communicating with Prospects

Tips on Communicating with Prospects

Whether this is prospecting, following up or closing, do you struggle with responding to the prospect or you ask,


“In such situation, What should I say? (With panic voice)


You are not alone…


I will give you two tips on how to talk to your prospects.  I learned these tips from Mr. Ray Higdon.


First, this is not about what to say but HOW you say thing…


According to basis of communication, 58% is body language, 38% is tone of the voice and ONLY 4% is content (What you say).


Even if you have excellent script of what you say to the prospects, if you say the script with wrong tonality, your script sounds like garbage…


It’s not about perfect script but HOW you act and say when you are talking to the prospects…


Second, be human being.


Prior to coming into the business, we were decent in human communication; asking your friends to go out for dinner, movie or inviting them to the birthday party.


However, once people join in the business, they lost basic communication skills and they start to depend on the script or ask your leaders “What should I say in this particular situation?”


If your prospect says that they are not interested, then just hang up the phone…


If your prospect ask more question about company, just answer like human being…


Because profit / result are involved, new people usually become very nervous and conversation becomes weird.


Instead of that, just think that other is also just another human being and it is not really big deal if people say no to you (We won’t die right?)


Do you want to improve the results of prospecting, following up and closing?  Focus on those two tips and you will start to get the result in no time.



P.S: Do you want to improve your overall communication skills as well as business skills?  Be sure to get my free E-Book: Detail Note from Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School Footage.  He talks about communication skills in very detail.

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