Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Attracting More Prospects

Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For Attracting More Prospects

Do you want to learn how to attract more prospects through Facebook marketing instead of actively reaching out to your prospects?  If you are in the home business, you probably thought about this at least once.  How nice it is if we can effortlessly attract quality prospects without actively prospecting? (I thought that way certainly before…).  In fact, many people are already attempting to do the marketing via Facebook.  However, they also don’t know how marketing works so many are doing it just incorrectly.


I have been learning Facebook marketing strategies from various sources, such as marketing seminars and in this blog, I would like to share with you top 3 Facebook marketing tips for attracting more prospects.


Tip 1: Post Inspirational / Motivational Quotes

What I do is to frequently post inspirational quote to my Facebook.  I get the quote from such person as Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett and so on.  By sharing wisdom / motivational quotes to your Facebook, eventually, audiences will see you as somebody in value (Remember the word, eventually, it will take time to build.  It’s not few days thing). This process actually provide people with value.  You can easily find those quotes if you search for google.


Tip 2: Your Update

It is great idea to post what you are doing in particular business scenes / events such as


  • Your company training events
  • Team gathering
  • Cool news from your team
  • Picture with leaders in your company
  • Celebration pictures (Like grand opening ceremony, other celebration events etc)


I suggest to post at least few pictures a day if you are in the event.  What this will do is to create curiosity of what you are doing in business.  They will start to ask you like “I saw your Facebook and you were at Texas for training event.  It looks fun.  What kind of event is that?”  Cool thing about this is that people need to ask you for the answer as long as you do this correctly.  They cannot search google asking “What is the event that … is at?”  They need to ask you instead. Therefore, you can dictate the conversation.


Tip 3: Your Family / Private Life

Posting video or picture of your family / personal life is one of the great strategies for Facebook marketing.  This is what I learned from social media / marketing seminar.  Speaker said that


In order to fully engage with audiences, we need to fully relate with the audiences.  Showing personal side is the best way to connect with audiences.  By letting them feel speaker is also warm family person just like other human being no matter how successful they are, audiences will be more connected with speaker.  Therefore, speakers can get more engagement from audiences.


Every event / seminar where professional speakers speak, I noticed that they almost always use their family pictures to get audiences attention and get closer to them.


It is same as Facebook.  If you only post business related pictures or videos, audiences will not have any emotional connection with you.  You need to show little bit of your human side in order to spark their interest.


It good idea to throw in pictures or video of your family, kids or friends etc to show your family side (once in a while, not always).  This will create the same effect as speaker breaks the ice by showing family pictures and audiences will feel connected with you.  Therefore, make them easily approachable to you.


Here you go!  By continually posting those updates, people will start to get curious of what you do and they will VOLUNTARILY reach out to you.  Since this cannot be googled, people need to ask you instead of going to ask their best friend of the world, Google.



I will share how most people drop the ball when it comes to Facebook marketing in tomorrow’s post so stay tune!


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