I just finished my company’s business building training event in San Jose. Since event took place in Northern California, I had to fly there to attend the event. However, content was fantastic. Both my team and I got so many golden nuggets from best of the best in the industry.


Especially, one of the stories from guest speaker made me realize that one split second of decision either lead to the successful path or failure. Here is what this guest speaker shared…


Before he started our business, he was working for marine corp as sergeant. He’s been working for past president Bill Clinton etc. Although he’s been working for marine for almost 13 years, he was extremely frustrated with his current life. That’s the time when he found out about our business.


After a while, he saw the passion of our business mission and he decided to quit his marine corp career so he went to his mentor and spoke to him about him quitting marine corp career and pursued his dream of becoming financial independence through our business. You know what’s kind of response he got from his mentor? His mentor said,


That’s stupid. You will quit this marine corp career for your stupid dream? You will totally regret your decision. Just stay in the marine corp. You have been working in marine corp for 13 years now. You will get life time retirement if you work 7 more years. It is ridiculous that you quit at this stage


In spite of his opposition, he quit his marine career and he pursued his dream of becoming total financial independence. He kept pushing his dream and after 16 years now he becomes chairman level, making more than $1.5 million a year in income. He created total financial independence to generation to come.


One day, he had to attend the CEO party in the place called “Pelican Hill resort”. For those who know this place, this resort is one of the most beautiful and expensive resorts in the United States and even president will go there for vacation. He drove his car into the resort and guess who he saw, his mentor. He found out that he works as security after he retired from the marine corp.


Then, this guest speaker said “I get chill every time I remember this. What if I listened to my mentor when he tried to steal my dream and did not pursue my dream, what would happen to me…?“.


If he listened to his mentor during that time, he would probably follow the same path as his mentor (Broke and nothing to show for it). Instead of that, he made decision to pursue his dream and now created the total legacy for his family… Moral of the story is..


If you have a dream that you care about, don’t let dream stealer steal your dream as we only have one life and one missed opportunity might cost as fortune as his mentor…



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