Truth about Negativity

Truth about Negativity

I usually hear the answers something like this every time someone brings the deals or opportunities. It goes something like this:
“I heard that this is scam”

“I looked at this in the Internet and everyone said this is not good”

“I saw so many negative reviews about this”


Let me tell you this:


Those people’s best friend is “Google”.  They BLINDLY follow somebody else’s opinion for their own decision.


This is the reason why 95% of people are loser.  They won’t succeed in anything.  I would highly recommend those people to stay for the job as long as they can…


Yet, if I look at track record of those opportunities or deals, there are many people who become successful as a result of taking advantage of these opportunities (Some of business opportunities even gave many people being millionaire status).


Then, why there are so much negativity on those opportunities?


I did several of those opportunities myself and all of them are very legitimate business with true mission in mind of their founders (I am not saying that all of them are good. Some may be really scam). In fact, most of founders from those companies are self-made millionaire and have great business mindset and success mindset.


On the other hands, most people who put negative comments are almost always unsuccessful people who either try a few times but quit or heard from those people who quit in very early stage. As David Schwartz, the author of “Magic of Thinking Big”, stated,


“People who tell you that it cannot be done are almost always unsuccessful people, and strictly average or mediocre at best in terms of accomplishment. The opinions of those people can be poison.”


I agree with his statement…


Fact of the matter is:


Those opportunities (In either business or investment) are just like driving the car. Any cars always will do its job. Driving the car will make our life more convenient by being more accessible. But, what if small baby drives a car? We will all agree that it will lead to disaster. Moral of this story is:


Those investment or business opportunities will do its job; bring you and your love ones more wealth and success. This is depending on who run this vehicle. Without proper success mindset and knowledge necessary to handle this vehicle, result would be disaster just like baby drives a car in the middle of Los Angeles downtown…


In other words, even if particular investment or business deal yield 1.000% return, if you are not ready (not only skill but also mindset) to take advantage of it, you will still get 0% return…


If you hear negativity from someone when you start to do new wealth building venture, ask yourself only two questions:

– Is this fact or merely an opinion?

– Are they successful in general?


In most cases, almost all of negativity comes from opinions of those unsuccessful people. Never listen negativity from those unsuccessful people. I would like to mention one more quote:


“Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out!” (Robert Tew)

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