Two Biggest Tips On How To Get People To See You Seriously

Two Biggest Tips On How To Get People To See You Seriously

In previous blog, I talked about what to do if you don’t have good track record. This topic is continuation of the previous topic (Kind of…) because people never look at your seriously if you don’t have good track record (Well… it does not have to be success.  It is more like how trustworthy you are or who you are more like…). So, in this blog, I would like to dive deeper.


Actually, I was in the same shoes before. I did not have much of good track record (I mean it is not so bad but… I don’t have much) as I was just employee in one of Japanese companies in Los Angeles. So, when I started to pursue my business venture, many people did not look at me seriously.  But, I have built credibility over time as I started to succeed in the business.  Here is the few things that help you to get people to see you seriously.


Tip #1: Consistency

In the beginning, nobody looked at me seriously.  Many said “how long he will last this time” or “He has never been in the business. He will probably quit very soon.” or worse, “He will be back.“.  However, as I continued to stride in the business, many started to see me differently as they started to say “Wow, he’s been in the business for very long period of time. He is very serious in the business now.” When I go back to talk to them, they listen more seriously even if they do not necessarily do business with me at this point (Although some did).  Now, I can feel that they see me little different.


The longer you are in your venture, the more credible you will be.  However, this needs tenacity. We all need to understand that you won’t be seen as serious business owner from just normal guy or gal over night. Believe me, I have been in many different fields (Like real estate, online marketing arena etc) and most people do not stay in the game long enough and they quit their venture.


Tip #2: Treat business like real business

Many people will ridicule you about your home business especially in the beginning. They may ask you “How about your THING?”  They literary call your business “THING” for a period of time. Nonetheless, this is your business. You need to treat your business like real business. Problem of most people is not treating their business like real business, instead, they are treating their business like hobby, such things as not coming to the meeting, not attending the events or training and not investing themselves to grow as true business owner.


Your leaders ask you to invest in your business not because of their gain but because they want you to treat your business as real business for your gain. Do you know that people around you can feel if you are serious in your business or not?  If they sense that you are not serious, they will never take you seriously. This is not coming from your word but your actions.  You won’t act like business owner if you don’t treat your business like real business. Those processes above will strengthen your belief and conviction of the business. The more you treat your business as business, the more you will act like serious business owner in subconscious level. Therefore,

  • You are more persuasive
  • Your word and action is more authoritative
  • You feel you have more power


If you subconsciously believe those things, people will feel your conviction. They will eventually stop saying to you “How’s your thing?” and follow you. However, just like tip #1, this won’t be achieved over time. You need to work on it day-in day-out.


If you want people to take you seriously, at first , you need to take your business seriously yourself. Make a decision to keep going even if you don’t feel like it. And, keep your discipline in day-in and day-out. If you keep those two tips in your heart and run with them for 2 years, you will be surprised how many people close to you will follow you and respect you.



I hope you got great value out of this blog post.  Actually, I am working on new free giveaway, “How To Leverage Meetup To Build Your Home Business” Video Study Course. I should be able to finalize it by end of this week so stay tune!


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