Two Most Important Mindsets for Business Success

Two Most Important Mindsets for Business Success

Often, I was asked what is the most important mindsets when it comes to business success.  By far, working on the mindset is most important when it comes to create success in your business.  Do you have mindset of


  1. Are you treating business like business?
  2. Do you easily dissuaded by opinions of others?


If you don’t have those qualities in you, it is extremely hard to create success in any businesses.  Let me elaborate little more about each point…


    1. Are you treating your business like business?Once upon a time, my mentor mentioned to everyone: 

      “You need to become really really student of the business”


      She emphasized “really really”.   Back then, I did not understand why she was so emphasizing that point.  But, now I totally understand why because she knows that most people won’t treat business like real business.


      Nowadays, there are a lot of business opportunity that requires only few hundred bucks to start.  Thanks to the technology but it is at the same time curse.  It is great that everyone can access to potentially become millionaires even if regular people just like us.  On the other hands, most people won’t take it seriously because they only treat this like few hundred dollars hobby…


      If you are totally brand new and you don’t know what’s mean by treating your business like business.  You just treat your business like your job.  Always think would I do this when I am reporting to my boss.  I will give you an examples:  Will you tell your boss…

      – I cannot go to work because my car is breakdown
      – I cannot attend the conference because I don’t have money
      – I cannot attend the event because weekend is my family day
      – I cannot go to work because I don’t have a car
      – I cannot go to work because I went for drink with my friends and I could not wake up


      Consider if you have a job, would you tell these to your boss?  If not, then you should not use these as excuses not to do something in the business…

    2. Do you easily dissuaded by opinions of others?

      I always ask new associates if they easily dissuaded by opinions of others.  Most people say no (With confidence) but most people are.  This is due to human nature.  Most people try to get their friends or family’s approval  of how his or her decision to start the business is great idea.  In most of times, they typically do not find that.  Most people say:

      – This does not work
      – This business is scam
      – Our family has never been successful.
      – This is not good idea because my friend lost his money because of this
      – Do you think you can do it?

      Have you ever experienced your people disappear as soon as they sign up? (If you don’t, then you are not doing business serious enough)  This is exactly what happened.  When they are rejected by the person close to them, they start to doubt their decision and most of the time, they quit the business altogether.  You will never hear from them ever again as if they are in the witness protection program…

      If you will be negatively affected by opinions of others, becoming successful in business is almost impossible tasks…  So, that’s the reason why working on your mindset is so key…  Your belief must be very high.

      I love Ray Higdon’s example of electricity…  If someone told you that

      “I read Wikileak the other day and actually electricity is scam.  We’ve been lied to…  It’s never worked…”

      You will probably think this person is crazy or out of his or her mind…  Why is that?

      Because you have total belief in electricity; you’ve observed that electricity works.

      Then why you are crumble like a cracker when someone says your business does not work?  This is because belief toward your business is not as strong as your belief in how electricity works.Those two mindsets are by far the most important mindsets you should have when you start your business.

If you have those two mindsets, you can take your business to the next level much quicker than those who don’t possess those two qualities.  If you have not built that mindset yet, you need to work on your mindset.  This can be done by going to your company events or trainings, attending the meetings and associating with like-minded people or your mentor…



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