Quitting is one of very common characteristics when it comes to wealth building. I’ve seen countless situations where people excited at first and then their energy started to drain because of so many disappointments and rejections. Eventually, their interest of becoming financially free completely faded away.


This blog is for those who are thinking about quitting. First, quitting thought is very normal. I was thinking about quitting every day before. We are doing extraordinary things that most people are not willing to confront. So, we should expect there will be lots of obstacles.


Here is couple of things that you can do…

  • Remember your biggest reason why you want to achieve your financial freedom in the first place
    One of my mentors shared with me that there is only one reason why people quit. This is because they only look at their current circumstances. Those who want to quit only can think how crappy in their current situation and feel miserable staying in that state.  By finding biggest reason and goal why you are doing this, you can project who you can become. If you can see your future; where you are going to be, it is much easier for you to overcome the feeling of quitting.


  • Treat every obstacle as school
    Most people treat bad experiences / obstacles as wound as many complains “why those bad things always happening to me?”. In reality, it is not happening to you. All those events are happening for you to get you to the best version of yourself. If you can think those events are like homework; something that you need to pass in order to get you to the next level, you will feel much better.


  • Associate with like-minded people who have same vision as you do
    Your quitting thought will be magnify if you surround with wrong association. In fact, outside world is almost all negative; TV constantly broadcast negative news and of course, radio and newspaper. Many people are constantly talking negative and some even entice you to quit your endeavor. Many outside voices will talk you out of your venture.Instead, associating with people with same vision and even more successful than you will definitely help you to feed positive and uplifting mind. Personally, positive / winning environment stretched my vision and kept me going…


These three mindsets really help me keep going in my venture. At last, I would like to share two quotes; one is from my mentor and the other is available online but very resonate with me.


It is slow process but quitting won’t speed it up

For your dream whether you want to create financial freedom for you and your family, retire your family / parents, or even want to contribute more to the society, quitting will never get to that outcome


When I am on the verge of mental conflict if I should quit whatever I started, I always think those two quotes…



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