What I learn from my mentor Part 2: “Overcoming Compare-itis”

What I learn from my mentor Part 2: “Overcoming Compare-itis”

Few weeks ago, my associate and I were on the way to her client appointment.  I was in the car with her because I will meet her client so that she will learn field experiences from me.


On the way to client place, she asked


“I have been doing the business for almost a year.  Some of associates right pass me even if they started this business just couple of month ago.  I feel frustrated.”


When I heard this from her, I said


“Good!  At least you care about your own business.  If you don’t even care about your business, you won’t feel that way…”


At the same time, I remembered when I felt the same way like her as well as when I started my own business.


Back when I just started out my business, my mentor was always mentioning…


“Never compare yourself to others…”


When she told me that, I was thinking in the beginning,


“I am pretty slow person and I am not really competitive so I will never compare myself with someone”


After year in my business, I started understand exactly why she said that…


Just like her, I observed some people who started business later than me are doing very well and I felt like I was stuck and could not get out.


During that time, I thought


“Why they created their business so fast and I am still struggling even if I am in the business much longer than them?   I am not good enough…”


What I felt before as well as my associate feels is very typical way of thinking when we face such situation where some people are doing much better than ourselves.  Just like those, we use this experience against ourselves.


This is called “Compare-itis”


“Compare-itis” is one of the most deadly disease that kills many people’s dream and goal simply because they beat themselves so bad comparing to others.


When I was beating myself so bad comparing others, my mentor talked to me…


“I understand your frustration.  Never compare yourself to others.  You will never win thinking that way.  You need to remember that some people who create success fast already paid the price before doing our business.”


Then she said to me


“Good thing about success is that just like going to the gym.  You go to the gym every day to lose 1 LBs per month.  You won’t care about what others look.  You just keep going to the gym then you will see yourself great body shape like you cannot believe.   I know that as long as you keep doing and working like now, you will achieve your success like you cannot believe.”


What I learned from her has carried me for years of wealth building journey.  Just like this quote:


“Don’t compare your CHAPTER 1 to someone else’s CHAPTER 20”


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