What I learned from my Mentor: Coachability

What I learned from my Mentor: Coachability

It’s been around 4 years since I started my own business.  Compared to where I was before starting my business, I have learned many valuable knowledge and skill sets not only from business partners but also all the experiences (whether it is good or bad).


When I was starting out, my mentor asked all of us,


What do you guys think the most important quality when it comes to create success in business?


I remembered there were different answers, such as knowledge, skills, mindset, experiences…


Then she said,


Most important quality in the business is coachablilty


For those who don’t know what coachablity is, coachability is the ability that understand and  follow the instruction of exactly what people said.


Many said,


It is easy.  Just listen and follow the step!


My mentor smiled and said,


We will see…


I wondered why she said that…  I was also one of the people who think it is pretty simple to follow the instruction. In fact, that’s what we’ve been doing all those years. We go to work and follow the boss’s instruction and do exactly what boss tells us.  This is common sense.


However, later on, what I realized is that common sense is not common when it comes to do the business…


Few years after I started my own business and learned from my mentor, what she meant started to be real clear…


Let me explain…


Most of the time, people who just start the business do not have business owner mindset.  Most has employee mindset.  So, most expected to be paid in certain duration of time.   When it comes to doing the business, we may need to invest time and possibly money and we may get nothing in return for possibly years…


In this kind of uncertain situation, what most people who just started business do when we (as mentor) ask them to invest their money into their business?


They make excuses like you cannot believe…


  • I have kids to take care so I cannot come to the meeting tonight
  • I have to work long hour today so I cannot come to the training
  • I need to take care of my family during weekend so I cannot go to the training seminar
  • I have kid activities during weekend and I want to have more time with kid when they are small so I won’t be able to participate this
  • I don’t have money to attend the training
  • It is so short notice.  I cannot go
  • I want to spend time with family during weekend so I am not going to attend the training
  • We need to attend our best friend’s birthday party so we cannot come
  • I want to go slowly so maybe next time…


When it comes to the job, do they say these excuses above to their boss?  Probably not.  If they do, they will get lower evaluation and possibly fired.  But, why people make so many excuses when it comes to listening from mentor?


Here is the answer, most people are employee minded.  They have very short term mentality and focus on security.  They don’t want to commit the endeavor that may take forever and nothing in return for a long time (Or never comes)…


If some has this thought, they are probably not ready to become financially independent.  They should quickly run back to the job as soon as possible because they will never get there as long as they have this mindset…


On the other hands, few percentage of group belong to another category.  They listen to the instruction and they implement it at speed of light, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT SURE (Or they don’t even feel like it).  Sometimes, it is not easy to follow what mentor said but they will do it anyway…


Their mindset is


This mentor is already done that and created massive result and very successful, even if I am not sure, it is much making sense for me to just follow exactly what he or she said


I’ve observed so many people come and go over 4 years period and most who quit is the majority category.  At the same time, I’ve also observed few people grab massive success fast.  Most of those people are very coachable.  They will do exactly what mentor tell them to do at speed of instruction.


Do you want to create success in the business?  Become true student of business and become very coachable to the business mentor.


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