What Is #1 Factor For Creating Success

What Is #1 Factor For Creating Success

I just came back from my company event.  This was just epic business conference.  Over 30,000 entrepreneurs attended this event for learning how to build solid and lasting business.  I personally got so many nuggets from successful business builders.


In particular, my mentor was on the stage sharing her wisdom in front of 30,000 entrepreneurs. What she shared nailed on my head.  In this blog, I would like to share what I learned from my mentor (I am sure that many will be helped by this blog).


We all agree that we can master anything if we keep practicing. You can master archery by practice thousand times for example. Then she asked audiences.


If mastery is matter of practice, ask yourself what you are practicing for right now?”


I was puzzled for a moment. Then, as she started to speak, her meaning became clear…


Are you practicing

  • Hard work?
  • Focus? or
  • Making excuses?
  • Thinking negative?


She said


You will be master at anything if you practice. Ask yourself, are you practicing hard work? Or are you practicing making excuses or thinking negative?  If you practice making excuses so many times, then you will be master at making excuses. On the other hands, if you always practice hard work / focus on business, you will be master them too.


What she said is very subtle yet very powerful advise. Scary part of this is that many people don’t even realize that they do this inside of their head. In fact, I was reminded by her.


What is #1 factor for creating success?  To me, what she said is basically translated into one word “Habit” and habit is the #1 for creating success. By what you keep practicing (it can be something positive like hard work, or negative like making excuses), you are forming certain habits that serve you or do not serve you. When I heard from my mentor, I remembered what Ray Higdon said.


Result is coming from your habit.  Habit is the one that create those result.  If you are not profitable in the business, you simply practice unprofitable habit.


You will be able to tell if you have profitable or unprofitable habit by reflecting yourself what you are practicing right now.  Do you want to create massive success? Then you need to change your habit to mega profitable habit…



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