In my business, many associates join the business every day of the year in hope of achieving their goal; it can be making extra income on top of what they are currently making on their full time job. Or other want to quit their job and become their own boss, or others want to achieve financial freedom for themselves.


In spite of their big goals and ambitions, I see literary thousands of people come and go from the business (not only my business but also real estate business that I was in too). Many are highly skilled. Yet, many went back to their original situation. Why is that?


In almost decade of my experiences in wealth building journey, this is absolutely not about skill set… Most people don’t have any problems with their skill set or their capacity. I observed most people don’t have…




Some might ask why do you mean by that?


In my business, I always shared to new associates simple things that I did to build my business. In my business, if you keep doing those three things for consistent and extended period of time, anybody can create certain success. Those are:


  1. Never miss the weekly training
  2. Always attend business building event
  3. Qualify for special business training and other qualification events


Are those doable? Does those three things require special skill set? No… As long as we have will and discipline, those can be done by anybody…


Yet, I would say 95% of people joining in my business violate these rules. Those will say excuses like you can’t believe…


  • I am so busy with kids so I can’t attend
  • I am so tired with my work so I can’t attend
  • I can’t attend the event because of my spouse
  • I don’t have a time to do the business


Jim Rohn, the foremost philosopher and one of the most influential business person of all time, said that what easy to do is also easy not to do… Most people CHOOSE NOT to do the easy things that allow them to create success. Do you know what happen to those who don’t do three things consistently with excuses like above?  They quit… They don’t see the results and they start to get frustrated with the result. Then, they don’t follow those three things even more. Then, eventually, they disappear and never come back.


This is the time when mindset comes in. Mindset can be commitment, dream, discipline, consistence, persistence which are all nothing to do with special skill set…


Do you want to create success in any endeavors? I highly recommend you to work on mindset. Once you have successful mindset, anything that you will touch turn into gold…



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