What Is Most Destructive Word To Your Success

What Is Most Destructive Word To Your Success

All successful people say that creating success in any endeavors is 1% skills and 99% mindset.  I am sure that many of you already heard this over and over again. Yet, many truly don’t understand this when obstacle really hits them…  When obstacle or challenge hits them, first thing that they comes up in mind is THIS WORD. THIS WORD is not detrimental but actually destructive. Are you ready for this?  The word is…


Why me…


The word “Why me” is the most dis-empowering word that destroy your success.  This word kills millions of people’s spirit and dreams. Many encounter the situations like


  • You are expecting this to happen but it did not go to the way you want it
  • You are in certain physical or mental condition
  • You had experiences in some kind of abuse
  • You may be from third world countries
  • You have lack of education


When we have hard time creating the success or thing did not go as we expected, many are reflecting back to the condition like above and thinking “Why this always happen to me?“.  This thinking is called external locus of control.  This kind of thinking is destructive because they believe that they cannot control or influence any outcomes. In this state, it’s officially you are dis-empowered.


Successful people think totally different. All the successful people are also facing same obstacles but how they handle is different.  Instead of thinking “Why me“, they think “this is happening for me so that we can grow” and “This is challenge to see what’s we are made of“.  This kind of thinking is most powerful because they are taking charge of their own destiny.


Each of us have deck of the cards. Unsuccessful people think that it is too unfair to deal with the cards that they have and they use this as excuse why they cannot create the success. Truth is


We can deal with the deck that we dealt. Just remember that there are many people that deal much tougher hands than you but some of them make the decision to deal with the card that they dealt.  This is what successful people do…



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