What To Do If You Don’t Have Good Track Record

What To Do If You Don’t Have Good Track Record

Have you ever felt unfair when you see some people build their business massively like hotcake while you don’t get any results because you feel you don’t have good track record? Believe me, you are not alone.  In this blog, I would like to share what action steps you can do when you don’t have good track record.


At first, I would like to quote from Eric Worre, the network marketing legend and author of the book “Go Pro” because this is so true…


You are Either Punished or Rewarded for the Life you Led before Network Marketing”


This actually does not have to be network marketing. Your past will either positively influence your new venture or negatively influence your new venture. So, what does that mean?


If you have been viewed as very successful among your friends or other colleagues, then you are rewarded when you start your home business.  You can almost say any words to them and they will join your business.


On the other hands, if you have been viewed as not successful or viewed so called “not trustworthy” (Missed your friends birthday party all the time, not keeping the promise to your friends all the time or not really friendly to them in the past etc) then you are going to be punished. You will have uphill battle when you are talking to your friends or families about your venture because most people won’t listen to you seriously…


However, your past does not define your future either. There is a hope. Here is three things that you can do; first one is short term, second one is medium term and last one is long term.


Short term: Honestly let your people know about your business

You can go to your skeptical friends or families. Then you honestly shared what you are going to do. You might want to say.


Look, I am in this business.  I seriously want to change myself.  This business has taught me to become better person.  You are probably not interested in this in any way shape of form but if you know anyone, let me know


Key point is to show your vulnerability. Most people don’t want to kick puppy as Ray Higdon shared. Certainly, not all of your people listen to seriously but some will…


Medium term: Go to cold market

You can always go to cold market to make more new friends. Good thing about cold market is that people don’t know your history.  They absolutely have no idea about your past. However, there is no relationship so it might take some more time to cultivate your friendship and relationship with them. Luckily, you can easily find and go to many networking events, Meetup and (or) other business related events. Thanks for the technology!


Long term: Become better person via personal development and your business

Here is the rule of thumb when it comes to attracting better people…


People do not join your company. People join you.


In order for you to attract people like magnet. you need to become the best version of yourself. Most people are followers and they need the charismatic leader that possess unshakable character, personality, virtue and mindset enough so that they will believe that you will bring them to the promise land that they always ever wanted. So, never stop investing yourself into self-education as Jim Rohn said


Formal education makes you a living. Self-education makes you a fortune.


By becoming better version of you, your skeptical and cynical friends and families will view you totally different human being and they will eventually join your venture.


However, this is long term process. Don’t expect to gain this over night. This is the reason why we all need to go to company events, meetings as well as potentially training or seminar outside of your company.


I want to end with this quote from my mentor.


Old You won’t make new money. Only new YOU will make new money



I hope you got great value out of this blog post.  Actually, I am working on new free giveaway, “How To Leverage Meetup To Build Your Home Business” Video Study Course. I should be able to finalize it by middle of next week so stay tune!


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