Are you in home business and strive to work hard but your spouse is so against about you doing the business? Believe me, you are not alone. I have seen so many people started to do home business. However, their spouse absolutely does not agree with the idea of you pursuing the home business. In this blog, I would like to address this very common stumbling block (For some people).


Before talking about what to do, we need to know why some spouses are not agreeing with the idea of you starting the business. I’ve been in the business for a while and I have seen many people facing the issue of non-supportive spouse. At first, you need to ask yourself.


Does your spouse always not supporting you?


It is very rare that spouse is totally against you if this is your first endeavor. What I often see (In fact most of the time) is that they have been doing so many ventures before and all did not go anywhere, while spouse got so much burdens because of their ventures. They made so much promises that they will be millionaires in very near future but this never happened. Spouse experienced so many times of this hollow promises that they are totally immune to your message.  I know several people that started dozens of different opportunities in the past and nothing happened. If this is the case, then there is a reason why your spouse is not supportive in your venture.


What to do?

If above thing is the reason why your spouse is not supportive then no words or magical phrases will convince them. What you need to do is to GO and PRODUCE and get results. Do you think spouse will be unhappy if you bring the check of $10,000 every single time and ask them to buy something nice? Of course not! My mentor said that “your spouse can be bought by money“.


I have excellent example. One of the associates started our business. She is stay-home mom and never done any business before. When she told her husband about it, he was totally against the idea that she started her own business. The reason for husband to against this is nothing to do with her previous performance. Her husband is top of major corporation and he was already making multiple and high 6 figure income from his profession already. One time, he did not like the idea of her doing business so bad that he even hided her car key so that she cannot go to the meeting.


However, she kept going and most importantly, she produced and created results. Now, her income has already surpassed her husband income. And, surprised thing is…


He quit his high 6 figure income job in major US corporation as head of department and joined force in her business.


If you have result, you can convince any spouse to do exactly what you want to do.  So if you are in the situation where you tried so many ventures before and not really succeeded, then you need to sit down with your spouse and tell him or her that you are really serious this time and go produce and show the results.



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