What To Do When Everything Is Against You

What To Do When Everything Is Against You

Have you ever had experiences where you just fall short to get results that you want no matter how much you try to do, such as…


  • Your prospect just doesn’t join your business?
  • Your potential customers heard the sales presentation from you but they went with somebody else, even if you put tremendous amount of times to talk to customers?
  • Although you spent inordinate amount of time training your super star, this person quits the business and never returns your call or text?
  • Nothing going your way while somebody else close to you is creating massive success?
  • Customer bought the products / services from you but they cancelled the last minutes?


I totally understand… This is sucks.  Sometimes, we feel helpless by thinking that nothing is going our way no matter how much we tried…  You will feel this if you are in the entrepreneurship for any length of time.  Here is the tip that you can do when you feel everything is against you.


What you can do is to think all of these challenges as lessons for you to become better.  You will build your success muscle by facing challenges.  Through dealing with countless surprises, rejections and disapproval of people close to you, you will build unshakable character and virtue.  We can just tell people with such an aura.  All of those people with such an aura went through countless challenges and disappointments (Countless).  Jim Rohn said it’s best.  He said,


“It is not that important to have million dollars.  It is way more important to become millionaire for what it makes of you to achieve it.” 


Do you think people who can make millions always have easy road?  No, they went through countless obstacles and those process changed them over time and build their confidence, skills, knowledge, character and virtue enough to become millionaire.


If you think challenges as opportunities and learning experiences for you to grow into successful people, then you won’t feel not that bad.  Rather, you feel happy because you need to go through this in order to tap into your greatness inside of you…


However, it will take sometime for you to build the muscle.  So here is what I learn from Ray Higdon.  He shared that we just need to embrace the word “Until”.  Just know that we are in progress even if we don’t see the tangible success yet.  Your progress can be your skills, knowledge, mindset and etc.  If you keep the word and make a decision that “I will do this until I create massive success”.  If you do this, you will eventually go and crash it.



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