What To Do When Your Team Is Not Moving

What To Do When Your Team Is Not Moving

Let me ask you question.


  • Have you ever experienced that your team is not doing what you wish them to do?
  • Have you gone crazy because your team is not moving no matter how much you teach or motivate them?


If you are in the home business for any length of time, I am sure that you experienced above.  Is it frustrated?  Sure it is…


We all wish for all of your team members to create mega success so we spent any length of time teaching and mentoring team members.  But, they just don’t move… What to do in this kind of situation?  In this blog, I will share 2 things that you can do in order to move your team.


First suggestion, this is most important, personally build the new team.  Which of following you can control?  You or your team?  It’s you.  You are the only person can control your activities, actions, how many people you talk to,k how many presentation you will do and even how you feel.  You can control all of them.


Are you able to control somebody else’s activities?  No, we can’t…


By building the new team by controlling your own actions, there are two benefits: #1 benefit is obviously having brand new team will create whole lot of possibility.  #2 benefit, your non active team members will see your actions and result and some of them will be inspired.  Some of them will feel that you no longer only have the time for them.  We better work hard to get more of your time and attention.


Second suggestion is doing your best to bring non-active team members to go to your company event.  I have seen million times where absolutely non-active team members went to convention and re-ignited by the event and start to take massive action and create success.  By you bringing your team to the event, there is huge possibility that you can revive your non-active team that do not move at all.  I would do my best reaching out to every single one of non-active team member if they can go to the event.



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