What To Say If Prospect Ask “I have heard of this company before”

What To Say If Prospect Ask “I have heard of this company before”

When you are prospecting people, have you ever asked “I have heard of this company before” after your prospect asks you what’s your company name?  I know so many people struggle to overcome this question from their prospects.  In this blog, I would like to share how I handle this question.


When it comes to this kind of question, it’s not about what you answer to them but how your answer to them…  When prospect ask this kind of question, most people already assume that prospect has some kind of negative experiences associated with the company. So, many will start to act weird. So first thing you need to do after they ask this sort of question is “Don’t be weird”.  Once your prospect feel it, you officially lose your posture and it is very hard to recover the conversation.


Instead, you will ask prospect with straight face, “oh, what kind of things you hear about this company?” or “How did you know about this company?“.  You will actually surprise many times prospect does not know anything about your company. So you don’t have to assume this is something negative.  In fact, when I asked exact question to my prospect who said “I have heard of your company before“, guess what she said?  She said that “I heard and watched about your company’s training via Youtube and I really like your training“.  She actually had positive experience in my company!  Of course, I recruited that person after this.


In many times, we tend to think worst case scenario in our head when we are talking to the prospect.  Many are thinking “what if they ask this, they ask that“.  Whatever you are afraid of, prospect will ask you (Do you have any experiences with that?).  What you need to do when you talk to the prospect is to calm yourself down.  And, when they do ask you “I have heard of this company before”, just simply ask them question with no emotion attached. You will be surprised how much favorable response that you will start to receive…



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