My mentor once shared with me and business partners:


When it comes to building business, common sense is not common. You will see many people who don’t have common sense


At first, I did not understand what she meant. However, as I have progressed with my business. I started to understand what she was talking about.


Have you ever seen people in your business

  • I am already working on this business for 3 months but there is no money. Maybe, it is not for me
  • (Worse), I have been working in this business for 5 months and no results. It must be scam.
  • I have been doing this business for 2 years but there are not so much results. I don’t feel like doing it anymore…


Let’s see other side. Majority of us probably went to school. Let’s see how many years we are in the education system.


Elementary school: 6 years
Junior High School: 3 years
High School: 3 years
University: 4 years
Total = 16 years


Let me ask you a question. Do we get paid by only going to the school for education? Answer is No. Another question, do we know everything about the major that we studied? Answer is No. Another question, will we get paid millions of dollars from the job by completing these typical school education? Answer is No.


Then, I have question for you. What can we expect from business venture to make million if we only work for a short time like above?


This was always my question. It seems that they are COMPLETELY OK with making no money while spending long 16 years of education but they cannot even stand 3 months of no money in business…


Most of us, we are working 40 to 50 hours a week in the job (For me, 60 – 70 hours a week). Are we getting multi-six figures in your job? Answer is mostly no.


Yet, many complain when they are in the business for short time and not creating success.


We typically go through 12 – 16 years of basic education. On top of this, we typically work 40, 50, sometimes 60 hours a week for the job after graduation…


This is only the matter of having common sense as well as having proper expectation. Here is what I mean.


If you have full time job and have business on the side, let’s say spending 10 hours a week, it might probably take at least 5 years to build decent book of businesses.


I always tell my people. Building business is like having a job. It will take couple of years to get decent at it. It’s same as business. However, great news is that you have a chance to become totally financially independent as oppose to the business.


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