Why Do We Need To Care About Building Mindset

Why Do We Need To Care About Building Mindset

In business, many of successful business leaders constantly tell us we need to build the mindset in order to create success.  Have any of you ever thought why we need to build the mindset?  In this blog, I will share what I learned about mindset at business building event.


Before talking about this, I was at San Diego to attend business training with my associates.  Topic was how to create success in business.  During training, trainer said,


“You need to build the solid mindset before I can teach anyone a skill set.  Without building mindset, it is really hard or next to impossible to learn skill set necessary to create success in business so I won’t even bother teaching skill set if this person does not build mindset”


When I heard that I remembered what CEO said during business building event last Saturday.  He did excellent explanation why we need to build mindset before learning about skill set.  He used computer as example.


Computer is constructed with two components: Hardware and software.  Hardware is physical components of computer system.  Whereas, software is the programs and other operating information used by a computer.  In other words, software is the one that operating the hardware…


Creating success is working pretty much same way…  Hardware equivalent for creating success is..


  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • Classes / seminars


And, software is your mindset…


Even if hardware is state of art hardware (Even brand new 2017 advanced model), if operating system is so outdated like MS DOS, is it going to work? Answer is pretty obvious. It is next to impossible to run the system effectively because it is too slow…


People’s success is pretty much the same way.  I’ve seen so many people go to real estate seminar, stock seminar, business seminar, or even invest in private coaching hoping that those outside tools will allow them to do something that they previously are unable to do.  In other words, they try to improve hardware without replacing old operating system.


In human mind, operating system is your mindset.  If your mindset is outdated or even worse, bad mindset, then you will be never able to create success no matter what you do…


This is the reason why we need to build your mindset.  How effectively operate your hardware is depending on how solid is your mindset…  If your mindset is very solid, you will be amazed how fast you can create success as if you are success magnet.  Successes will be somehow attracted to you.



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