Why Having Business Owner Mindset is So Key to Your Success

Why Having Business Owner Mindset is So Key to Your Success

I get often asked from part time associates


In the business, what is the biggest difference between those who create success and those who don’t?


My answer to them is “How you are showing up to the world”.  What I mean by that?


When we are in the business meeting or training, we can usually spot two kinds of people.


1st category of people (Small percentage) are always coming to the meeting / training early to prepare and even help to organize the meeting.  They are very proactive in terms of involvement with key leaders in business.  Any of our eyes, we can see they are owning their business even if they are in part time.  They are showing up with mindset of student of the business.


On the other hands, 2nd category (Majority) are showing up like a guest.  They come to the training late and very passive in terms of the involvement in business.  And, they come to the meeting at their convenience.


Some of 2nd category say that I am very serious.  But, when they actually do thing, they usually make excuse like

  • I have to do something so I cannot come to the training
  • My work finish late and I am tried so I won’t be able to make it
  • Weekend is family day so I won’t come to the training event
  • Why I need to come to the meeting whereby I have no guest?
  • I won’t go to the event because I don’t have team


When I was in business part time, my full-time job was from 6:30am to 9pm almost every day (Including weekend).  Did I make that kind of excuses?


No I didn’t…


Instead, I went to the meeting / training even if my work finish at 9pm or 10pm because there is always second meeting / training around that time.


Some may ask why I still go to the meeting.


Because I am a student of business…  I want to succeed in business so bad that any opportunity that I can learn from the mentor, I go even if I am late and don’t even feel like it…


Whenever I can go to the meeting on time, I go early to help out the leaders to set up the meeting as I know that I eventually need to learn how to run the meeting.


So which category will succeed; First one or second one?  You know the answer.


1st category of people show up to be student of business, whereas 2nd category just shows up as guest.


If you don’t have commitment to do the business, how can you convey your passion to the prospect or potential clients how good your business is.  It is impossible…


Here is the tip for becoming 1st category of people

    1. Attend all company events / meetings
      Attend all events and training and learn from your mentor and leaders how to operate the business like business owner

    3. Read or (and) listen personal development program
      You always good to acquire the success mindset by reading personal development program.  We all have time to commute from our home to job.  Why don’t we turn your car into mobile classroom?  This will dramatically improve your business mindset


There you go.  Hope this helps.  Let me know what you think in the comment below.


P.S: If you are in the business and don’t know how to approach people, this training might help…

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