First, this is not talking about script for acting etc. I am talking about sales and business (You might probably know already. My blog is business, sales, entrepreneurship)…


In sales environment (whether this is traditional sales career or business opportunities like network marketing), it is very common that people who did great results shared what they did and they said to prospects, potential clients and customers to get their business.


And, I always see many people taking massive notes from that person on the stage thinking to themselves, “okay, that’s what he said so I should say the same things too”. This is very common in network marketing environment. In convention or some sorts, many successful people shared WHAT they said to get the results and usually, there are same scene where audiences are taking massive notes of what they said…


In reality…


This won’t work for most people…




This is not about what they said (Script) but more like what they did before they come into your career…


Let me explain…


One of the superstars shared how he actually spoke and convinced his prospect who was very negative about our products.


He was sharing to people in the training that here is what I spoke to this person and this person totally convinced to do business with me. And, I saw many were taking notes of his sharing.


However, he is very successful in his career prior to coming into our business. so everyone is looking up to him. So in reality,


He can literary say anything and his people still do the business with him…


On the other hands, for most people, this is absolutely first time for them to start sales / entrepreneurial venture. Therefore, most people that you know won’t recognize you as business person / successful figure like the people on the stage.


For those folks, if they say the same script that successful people on the stage share, it not only won’t work most of the time. In fact, they will be shut down like so hard core…


So what should we do?


Here is the several things that I can suggest for those who just start out…


Short Term Strategies:

  • Change the inviting style
  • Leverage senior people for the appointment – borrow experiences person’s help


Long Term Strategies:

  • Keep gaining experiences – Being in the business or line of your work long enough will give you confidence
  • Be willing to go through tough times – this will boost your confidence when you overcome them
  • Stay in the business long time – Stay in the game long enough gives people credibility of what you do
  • Create results


Ray Higdon always said, this is not about what you say but this is how you say it…  If you are in your business / career long enough, you will not only start to gain the respects from those people around you. you will but also be more confident of what you do. Therefore, you will eventually start to get more and more results with less effort.



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