Why Most People Stuck in Rat Race for rest of their life

Why Most People Stuck in Rat Race for rest of their life

My biggest pet peeve is the person like:


“I already paid so much for the education.  Is this the last one to be successful?” or


“I don’t feel like it is not worth paying this amount for learning” or 


“Their method does not work so their material must be wrong and I should switch to learn from other method or person”



I must be very honest.  Those people are idiot.   They just don’t get the whole point of wealth building.  For those people, they should just work as W-2 for the rest of their life because they will never make it with this mindset (Well… I won’t see those people after a month or so anyway)…
Although those people saying something like “I want to be financially independent” or “I want to get out of the rat race”, most do not want to pay the price.  They are always looking for the magic pills to become successful without their own effort.
Those people believe that asset will make them rich and solve their financial problem…


It is not…


Everything will start from your mind.  Without proper mindset, they will fail no matter how they copy what wealthy are doing.  Fact of the matter is:



As long as people depend on something outside of themselves, they will continue to be trapped in the rat race…



In order to grow you as a person (leader, business owner or investor), you must work hard as much on yourself as possibly can.  This can be in form of education, part time business or actual investing. 

Most of those people think once become successful; they will quit pursuing education or training.



It is not…  This is exactly what unsuccessful people are thinking…


Successful people do exact opposite of what most are thinking.  From all the successful people that I personally know (Many are millionaires), the more they become successful, the more education they seek out because they know that their success is depending on bringing the value to the people.


I have to tell the truth…


There is no such thing as quick way of becoming financially independent.  You have to be “Whatever it takes” kind of mentality if you really want to succeed anything in life.


This is the price we must pay in order to be successful…


Although most people claim to me that they want to be successful (i.e: Financially independent)t, if I see most of them (How they do things), I know deep in my heart that they don’t really want to…
That’s the reason most are not successful and stuck in rat race as long as hold on their current thinking…


Do you really want to be successful?  You need to work on yourself as hard as you can.  I will leave with my favorite quote of Robert Kiyosaki:


“Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you’ve got to transform your spirit from poor to rich.”

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