Why Ownership Mentality Is So Critical For Business Success

Why Ownership Mentality Is So Critical For Business Success

After the company event, many of team members were so inspired and motivated. One of the happiest things that I experienced in this company event is that one of my team members started to become leader and understand about ownership mentality.  She told me


“I have been in the business for 2 years and I have always come as a mentality of guest even if I am physically in the business. Now, I am taking ownership to this business.”


Having ownership mentality is absolutely crucial in order for you to create the success in business. I would like to share the power of ownership mentality in this blog.


As my team member already stated, she showed up like a guest before.  In any home business meetings, we can easily spot the person who is really serious in business and the person who is not at all serious. Those who are serious always have ownership mentality.  They treat business like real business.  On the other hands, most of people show up as a guest.  Here is the partial lists of difference between those who have ownership and the one without.


The person with ownership mentality:

  • Always comes to the meeting before anybody else to help out the leadership so that they can learn
  • Invest their money into business at all times
  • Coachable to the leaders and mentors
  • Assist leaders to the common objectives so that they can learn how leaders operate
  • Take care of their team members and lead teams
  • Always stay late in the meeting
  • Always attend the scheduled events and participate the contests believing that those events will build their business


The person without ownership mentality (Show up as a guest)

  • Always late in the meeting because they think that they already heard before
  • Not willing to invest their money because they feel they are losing money
  • Not coachable
  • Always sit on the back and seeing cell phone
  • Always wait to be told what to do and let their leader leads his or her team
  • Leave in the middle of meeting because they know it all
  • Not willing to attend the events or participate the contests because they think “Why bother, I don’t have any team members anyway or I am not qualified anyway…


I can say this difference will make or break you in the business.   Good thing about home business is very low cost to entry so anyone has a chance to become entrepreneurs and create the success.  On the other hands, good thing about home business can be curse. Bad is that most people treat their business like couple of hundred dollars hobby. So most people that I see show up as guest mentality.


I always say this to associates during training.  If you are not even taking this business like business, how can you deliver your passion and conviction of the business?  It is impossible…


Everything comes from how serious are you treating your business.  If you treat the business like real business, then your way of walking, your way of talking, your way of acting will totally different from those who are not serious in the business and people around you FEEL it…


Do you want to create success in your home business? First thing, you need to start treating business like real business.  Once those mindset in your consciousness, you will be surprised how people around you will react differently.  People will listen to you and people will say yes without asking questions.  All those reactions from people that you want you will get…



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