Rethink The Word “NO”

Have you ever felt that you don't want to call someone because you are afraid of getting the answer "NO"? In human nature, people are actually addicted to get the approval from others just like Steve Siebold, the author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class.  Naturally, people don't like to get rejection. [...]

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3 Types Of People In Life

Do you know there are only 3 types of people in this world? Peak performance expert, Ed Mylett shared. Great thing about this is just to be either two of three types then you are on the road to create success. However, problem is that most people are in third category that you don't want [...]

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Power Of “All In”

At business building event, multi-millionaire shared his journey from when he had nothing to where he is right now. His journey was quite a journey. In the beginning of the business, he literary did struggle going to the customer's location because he had no money to put the gas. Now, he becomes very successful in [...]

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#1 Critical Factor For Success In Sales

What is the #1 critical factor for success in selling? Is this product, service, or other things? I have been learning the sales knowledge from Grant Cardone and he taught me #1 factor for sales success.   Before talking about this, have you ever heard (or yourself said to somebody else)   This customer is [...]

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How To Use Law Of Average To Your Advantage

In the sales or home business, have you ever felt unfair that some people are making a killing, while you have absolutely nothing going on in your business? Do you justify the situation where some people are doing great and you are not because   They have more credibility than you They have better education [...]

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5 Different Categories Of People In Home Business

Do you know there is 5 different categories of people in home business? My mentor has taught this since I started my home business and yes, now I started to see it is true. Here it is.   1st category: No Timer This person got really interested in the business and join but he or [...]

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Real Truth Why You Don’t Feel Like To Show Up To The Meeting

Have you ever felt that you don't feel like to show up to the company training, meeting or company event? Although there are many possible reasons why people might not want to show up to those company specific training, here is what I notice.   When people (I mean those who at least had intention [...]

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My Thought About Black Friday

I wish all of you are having great thanksgiving holiday with your families and friends...  Today's blog is not usual blog. I would like to share my thought about Black Friday.   Yesterday, my families went out for dinner for celebration of thanksgiving. Although there were not so many people in the street, as usual, [...]

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How Your Comfort Zone Is Killing Your Success

As I have been in wealth building journey since 2008, I have seen so many wanna-be investors / entrepreneurs hoping to create major success. Unfortunately, over 90% of those motivated individuals disappeared completely out from wealth building arena. Although there are many reasons for their failures, most typical failure that I have observed almost thousand [...]

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