3 Most Common Inviting Mistakes Most Newbies Make

Do you want to know 3 most common inviting mistakes that most people make? I have seen so many new people blowing the opportunity to invite prospects to either appointment or opportunity meeting. Certainly, I also made the same mistakes when I was starting out and you want to avoid making those three mistakes.   [...]

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Inviting Tip: Invite Right Away Or Build Relationship?

When it comes to inviting prospects, one of the typical invitation questions that I usually get is   "How do you invite? Are you inviting your prospect right away or do you take time to build relationship and then invite?"   My answer is always depends...   I have two categories when it comes to [...]

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#1 Skill To Develop For Building Thriving Business

At Monday morning full timer meeting yesterday, someone said very interesting. That person said something like   "Our product is so good. Why it is so hard to promote and make sales?"   Then I said,   "If product is totally sell itself, then company does not need us..."   Many people (Especially newbies) think [...]

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How To Control Your Emotion

Have you ever said something that you should not say and hurt your friend's, significant of others or even families' feeling and later on regretted what you said to them? I think we all had this kind of experiences.  Yesterday, I went to the personal empowerment session. One of the things that speaker was teaching [...]

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How NOT To Say Too Much During Invitation

Yesterday, blog is about invitation; how to reduce No-show for your opportunity meeting. However, do you wonder how to properly find the hot button of prospect and invite them without saying too much? Here is how to do it.   When it comes to invitation, common mistake that most newbies make are first not talking [...]

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How To Reduce No Show For Opportunity Meeting

Last blog, I talked about how to follow up with prospects that did not show up. If we can reduce the number of follow up because they show up to the meeting every time you invite them to come to the meeting, would it be great? I am going to share with you exactly that [...]

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How To Follow Up Prospect Who Did Not Show Up

For starter, let's see this scenario...   You invited someone for the opportunity meeting and your prospect said yes. You are very happy that you will have someone come to the opportunity meeting. You are even so excited that you imagine yourself working with this person and this person can be your super star. However, [...]

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How To Make Prospects Want To See Your Opportunity

Have you ever gotten not-sure kind of response from prospect when you invite them to the opportunity meeting or one on one appointment? Do you wonder why you have hard time inviting people to the opportunity meeting or setting up one on one appointment because they just not say yes to you?  Have you ever [...]

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How To Communicate With Any Prospects

Constantly, I have been asked from many of team members how to communicate with prospects in the particular situations, such as   My prospect is very negative about the company. What should I say them? My prospect said he is doing very well in his career. What should I say to him? My prospect is [...]

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How To Respond With Question “How Long Does It Take To Create Success”

Have you ever heard from some prospects asking "If your company is good, how long does it take to create success?" This is another objection that many people are struggling to answer. In this blog, I would like to address how I would handle this question.   Here is the list of questions that very [...]

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