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Rethink The Word “NO”

Have you ever felt that you don't want to call someone because you are afraid of getting the answer "NO"? In human nature, people are actually addicted to get the approval from others just like Steve Siebold, the author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class.  Naturally, people don't like to get rejection. [...]

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#1 Critical Factor For Success In Sales

What is the #1 critical factor for success in selling? Is this product, service, or other things? I have been learning the sales knowledge from Grant Cardone and he taught me #1 factor for sales success.   Before talking about this, have you ever heard (or yourself said to somebody else)   This customer is [...]

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Facebook Marketing Tip: How To Create Curiosity About Your Home Business

Before talking about today's blog, have you ever...   You post about birthday, your kids and families and getting hundreds of likes but as soon as you post about your business venture, you only get few likes?   Frustrated isn't it?   Believe me, you are not alone.   This is not because of your [...]

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Inviting Tip: Invite Right Away Or Build Relationship?

When it comes to inviting prospects, one of the typical invitation questions that I usually get is   "How do you invite? Are you inviting your prospect right away or do you take time to build relationship and then invite?"   My answer is always depends...   I have two categories when it comes to [...]

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How To Respond With The Objection “I Don’t Have Time”

During one on one appointment or opportunity meeting, you followed up with excitement knowing that this person is the perfect person to do the business with you. This one sentence that your prospect said turn your excitement into total disappointment.  Have you ever gotten objection "I don't have time... (or I am so busy)"?   [...]

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Active Prospecting vs. Passive Marketing

Have you ever dreamed of your prospects chasing you for the business instead of you chasing them? If you are in the home business, I am sure you dreamed this scenario at least once for sure. Fortunately, it is totally possible if you implement proper marketing. Basically, there are two forms of doing business; active [...]

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4 Essential Tools You Must Have For Creating Successful Blog

Blog is becoming one of the most important tools for your marketing. I am sure you have heard experts say "Sales and marketing is the most important aspect of your business. Even if your product is the top notch product, if nobody knows about your products, it means nothing". It is very true in any business. [...]

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How To Respond With Question “What Do You Do?”

Are you having hard time answering the question from prospects "what do you do?" during networking event or other occasion? This seems very simple and very typical introductory question during networking event. Yet, I've seen so many people struggle answering this question... Here is how to answer.   First, this question will be asked by almost [...]

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3 Common Mistakes Newbie Makes During One-on-One Appointment

Yesterday's blog, I shared about 3 common mistakes that new person makes during opportunity meeting. In most home business, there are some kind of opportunity meetings for potential prospects to listen to the opportunity. For other home businesses, people also implement to use the one-on-one sit down. At least in my company, new people bring [...]

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